Turny® Low Vehicle

Swivels the car seat and extends it almost completely outside the vehicle.

The Turny Low Vehicle is a swivel seat that will allow the user to get seated outside the vehicle, before being comfortably moved to a safe position inside. Having the car seat outside of the vehicle can be very helpful when getting seated or making the transfer from a wheelchair.

The Turny Low Vehicle is the most advanced swivel seat on the market today. Its many unique features makes it possible to adapt car models previously thought impossible to adapt with a swivel seat.

Filling the void.

The Turny Low Vehicle is a swivel seat that rotates and moves almost completely outside the vehicle, making it easy for you to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair. It also features great improvements in comfort and available head and leg space compared to other swivel seats.

The Turny Low Vehicle can be installed in many vehicles previously considered impossible to adapt, in fact it can be installed in almost any low vehicle. In short, the Turny Low Vehicle fills the gap where an ordinary swivel seat isn’t enough and where a seat lift isn’t suitable.

Into the great wide open.

We can’t promise you blue skies but when transferring or sitting down in the Turny Low Vehicle you can do so almost completely outside the vehicle. Or more specific with the cushion 40 centimetres out.

The final frontier.

The most common reason for not being able to put in a swivel seat or a seat lift is that there simply isn’t enough space left for you to sit when the product is in place. Turns out that there’s quite a lot of space for a swivel seat in small cars, as long as you look in the right direction.

The Turny Low Vehicle has layers that can move independently from each other. While one layer moves forward, the next layer can rotate and the third can move backwards. By individually customising each movement we can optimise space needed for head, feet and rotation. 

What size shoes do you wear?
In a comparison with the Turny Low Vehicle and an ordinary swivel seat we could tell you that the space gained at the feet is 20 centimetres but you most likely won’t get a clear picture in your head of how much that actually means. But if we were to tell you that the difference is about the same as the size of the feet of an average 9 month old and the average NBA player, you could see how that would be a big difference.
Room for thought
It may be debated whether Thomas Edison invented the first lightbulb, but we can all agree that the object itself serves as the symbol of an idea or a stroke of genius. Curiously enough, the extra space gained by the Turny Low Vehicle in comparison to other swivel seats is enough to hold a levitating lightbulb above your head. In plain numbers that is roughly 6 centimetres.


We like to say that 4 degrees inclination gives 100 percent improvement. But why do we use these figures? Well the first one is easy. Turny Low Vehicle is installed at a 4 degree inclination to the vehicle floor. No other swivel seats are, but pretty much every vehicle seat from this side of the 1950’s are. This inclination accounts for many benefits of the comfort you will experience when riding in the vehicle: pressure relief, extra head space and the ability to recline the seat without risking slipping forward. Riding in the vehicle is also where you will spend 99 percent of the time in your seat.

The remaining percent is using the swivel seat to get seated. But if a seat is tilted backwards in the vehicle won’t it be tilted sideways when swivelled out? Yes it will, and that’s the good part. You see, the highest point in the front door opening of most vehicles today, no wait, ALL cars of today, lies in the upper back corner of the door opening. The 4 degree inclination places your head right at this point.

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Safe Vehicle Adaptation

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