Getting seated

Products that can help a person to comfortably and safely get seated in a vehicle.

Turny Evo

Brings the entire car seat outside the vehicle for both drivers and passengers.

Turny HD

Brings the entire car seat outside the vehicle.

Turny Orbit

Brings the entire car seat outside the vehicle.

6-Way Base

A versatile seat base for easy transfer to and from the wheelchair inside the vehicle.

Carony Classic

The solution that eliminates lifting when transferring a person between wheelchair and car.

Carony Go

The well proven Carony solution for powered wheelchairs.


Swivels the car seat out towards the user.

Turnout BIS, Ford B-Max

The world’s first complete and fully tested swivel seat solution for the Ford B-Max.

BEV seat

Ergonomic low built seat, specially designed for easy individual adaptation using a variety of BEV options.

Compact seat

A comfortable car seat with a low profile.

Safe Vehicle Adaptation

For your safety Autoadapt products are designed and tested according to current directives and standards.