Read about how car adaptation has improved the quality of life for our customers.

Carony Go opened up a whole new world

Previously I had a normal passenger car, but when my health took a turn for the worse it became increasingly difficult for me to get into and out of it. A company where I live then told me that Autoadapt was able to help with adapting vehicles according to various disabilities.

After meeting with one of their product specialists, I received a recommendation on an adaptation of a new Hyundai van which I thought was very good. There was a huge difference when I received the car and we were able to continue our long-distance travels that my husband and I had always enjoyed making. I have also recently upgraded to a Carony Go electrical wheelchair, and a new world has opened up to me for a second time. I can now move around by myself and it feels fantastic not having to bother others for help. The combination of an adapted car and electric wheelchair has really improved my situation in an amazing way.

Birgitta Norling

A car of your own brings freedom

Community transport works well where I live but cannot be compared to the freedom of having an adapted car of your own.

In the summer my wife and I go to our summer house every other weekend. It's a distance of 150 kilometers and it would have been difficult to handle had I not had access to an adapted car. You don't have to be dependent of others, you can visit friends whenever you want to and essentially mind yourself.

Håkan Thörnqvist

I don't have to ask for help all the time now

The best thing about my car adaptation is the sense of freedom to come and go as I please. All my daily chores become so much easier to do.

Just going to the shops, for example, was very difficult before. That's the type of small annoyances I don't have to deal with now and it's increadibly important for the quality of life.

Katharina Oskarsson

The wheelchair enables me to walk, the car enables me to run

I work part-time and drive to work myself since I don't have a personal assistant. Community transport is quite good but with my own car I can decide both when and which route to go.

In addition, I have always liked cars. They have always been close to me throughout my life. I was always an active person before my disability, playing football and moving around. My adapted car allows me to keep some of that feeling.

Mona Nordell

It means a lot not having to depend on others

I work part-time and drive the car myself to and from work. In the past I had to travel with my husband, but in the long run it gets tiring and limiting for both of us to have to co-ordinate our schedules.

I also exercise twice a week and I can manage traveling there by myself since having my car adapted. It gives me a feeling of independence that means a lot.

Monika Lindberg

The car is the best thing that has happened to me since losing my leg

The car adaptation is really the only useful help I have received since losing my leg. It's a wonderful help.

I couldn't go anywhere for a period of time after the operation, I was stuck in my flat. It is difficult to use community transport where I live, so the car adaptation has in a way helped me to regain some of my mobility.

Ruth Voigt

My car adaptation means everything to me

To have an adapted car is increadibly important to me. It gives me freedom, accessability and the possibility to control my life. For example, it's much easier to meet with family on a regular basis.

Cars have always been important to me. I have driven since the age of 18 and I'm very happy and greatful that I'm still able to do so thanks to my adaptation.

Stellan Holmsten

I couldn't do my job without my car

I was the first person in Sweden to receive an adapted car where I can stay in the wheelchair while driving.

I have developed a sling by myself and I travel around to exhibit it at trade fairs and similar, so the car is a prerequisite for me to be able to do my job. I also paint and often load the car up with paintings that I take to art galleries and similar places. The car makes me independent and that's something that I value very much.

Ulla Lindeberg

We often go on holiday with our caravan

I have my own company where I work part-time and there is no way I would be able to manage that without my adapted car. I need a big car to fit both my service dog and seven grandchildren, although not everyone at the same time of course.

Apart from traveling in my job, my husband and I enjoy going on holiday in Europe with our caravan. Thanks to a special solution for the wheelchair hoist, it is possible to attach the caravan to the car. It means a lot to me to be able to continue exploring different countries despite my disability.

Ulla Weimar Thuresson

I enjoy traveling on my own and watching idyllic places

I enjoy traveling and exploring both in Sweden and abroad, preferably smaller places where it can be difficult to drive with my scooter. That's why I wanted a new car that I could bring my scooter in. I was told by a car salesperson to contact Autoadapt to have the car adapted to my needs.

A product specialist from Autoadapt visited me and we discussed what I wanted and what technical solutions were available to fill my requirements. Now, after receiving my adapted car, I can drive my scooter up a ramp and into the car by remote control. Once inside the car, the scooter's battery is charged while driving. It's a completely new sense of freedom to be able to decide when and where I want to go, and not having to be so dependent on others.

Christina Boortman