Stenkullen 18 september 2017

Made in Sweden - Introducing the new Autoadapt Chair Topper

Autoadapt has brought the BraunAbility workhorse over to Sweden and given it a new fresh design. Apart from that it’s still the same reliable product as it’s always been.



The Chair Topper was until recently manufactured by BraunAbility. As of today manufacture and further development of the Chair Topper has been moved to Autoadapt, Sweden.

Greg Cook, Vice President of Commercial and International Sales comments on the move:

- We have been working for the past year with our Swedish partner, Autoadapt, to take over the manufacture and sale of this product. Europe represents the strongest Chair Topper market, so it made good business sense for both Autoadapt and BraunAbility to consolidate operations within the highest-demand region.

For those of you not familiar with the Chair Topper, think of it as a valet service for a wheelchair. When the user gets seated in their car, the Chair Topper will take care of their wheelchair for them. When the user is ready to leave the car, the Chair Topper will bring their wheelchair to them. In between it is safely stored in the weatherproof roof top box. It's a great solution for independent drivers as well as passengers.

Autoadapt AB

Autoadapt grundades 1996 och har sitt säte i Stenkullen utanför Göteborg. Företagets huvudfokus ligger på produkter som hjälper människor med begränsad rörlighet att köra eller åka med i bil. Autoadapt är främst kända för sina Turny-vridsäten och Carony överflyttningsrullstolar. Inom branschen är Autoadapt synonymt med hög säkerhet och innovativa lösningar.

Autoadapts produkter finns tillgängliga över hela världen via ett omfattande återförsäljarnätverk.


BraunAbility is the world's leading manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles and wheelchair lifts. Founded nearly 50 years ago by Ralph Braun the company has grown into the most well-known and trusted name in the mobility industry, bringing independence to millions of individuals across the world. BraunAbility is a wholly owned subsidiary to Patricia Industries, a division of Investor Group. 

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Peter Wahlsten


Grundare och vice VD
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Linda Brixvik


Product Market Manager Consumer
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