De senaste pressmeddelandena från Autoadapt om fordonsanpassning och relaterade mobilitetslösningar.

Made in Sweden - Introducing the new Autoadapt Chair Topper

18 september 2017

Autoadapt has brought the BraunAbility workhorse over to Sweden and given it a new fresh design. Apart from that it’s still the same reliable product it’s always been.

Unwin revamps entire wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint range

5 juli 2017

Unwin, an Autoadapt company, has updated it’s market-leading range of wheelchair tie-downs and occupant restraints.

BraunAbility Q-Series Wheelchair Lift Honored with Golden A' Design Award

9 juni 2017

Tonight representatives from BraunAbility will be accepting the prestigious Golden A' Design Award at the gala in Como Italy.

Rullstolen som blir ett bilsäte - Autoadapt introducerar nya Carony

31 maj 2017

För personer som hjälper en närstående med någon form av funktionsvariation finns det många hjälpmedel som bidrar till ökad självständighet i hemmet. Autoadapts Carony utökar denna självständighet till att också inkludera bilen. Carony är ett system som möjliggör överföring av en person från rullstol till bilsäte, helt utan lyft.

Unwin acquires MarTech Kliplev A/S

20 mars 2017

Unwin is pleased to announce its acquisition of the Danish company MarTech Klipev A/S. MarTech is famous for its high-tech aluminium flooring system ‘Spacefloor’.

BraunAbility introduces a completely silent wheelchair lift

1 februari 2017

Noise can have a major negative impact on the work environment of a commercial driver. As positive as wheelchair lifts are for accessibility, they pose an unfortunate health issue for the vehicle’s driver.

Freddy Lund joins Autoadapt

19 augusti 2016

Freddy Lund started out in mechanical engineering before moving his career into international business. He entered the vehicle adaptation industry when he joined Handicare Auto A/S in 2013.

Toppmöte om funktionsnedsatta förare hålls i Stenkullen

26 maj 2016

I samband med Autoadapts 20-årsjubileum kommer 77 företag från 35 länder på besök.

BraunAbility Cassette Lift

4 maj 2016

A slim pump module, mounting brackets for all major brands and a great weight to lift capacity ratio are some of the key features of the new cassette lift from BraunAbility.

More options for people with disabilities

23 november 2015

Limited mobility used to mean a limited choice of cars. The available models were mostly light commercial vehicles or minivans. With Autoadapt’s latest swivel seat the Turny Low Vehicle, more people get to choose the car they love, not just a car based on their physical needs.