Wheelchair lifts

As the single largest manufacturer of Wheelchair Lifts in the world U.S. based BraunAbility has provided high quality lifts for the last 40 years.





VISTA – A clearer view

When stowed the stacking platform resides below the vehicle’s windows, providing a free line of sight for both passengers and driver.







VISTA SPLIT – Out of sight and out of the way

The split platform is stowed in parallel to the sides, keeping the door accessible for loading and unloading, as well as providing a clear view.







MILLENNIUM – A well proven workhorse with hydraulic roll stop

The strong solid platform of the Millennium series provides stability and reliability to users all over the world. It also offers the smallest footprint.








CENTURY – Extra long telescopic stacking platform

To fit a long platform inside low vehicles the Century XT series features a telescopic stacking platform that will extend well beyond its own height.








GLOBAL – Lightweight and economic

The Braun Global series is ideal for transit providers looking for a cost efficient and lightweight lift without sacrificing BraunAbility’s reliability and efficiency.

Platform types

BraunAbility Wheelchair Lifts are available in a wide range of platform types for any kind of application. All lifts are CE marked and EMC test approved.