Tie-down and belts

Unwin invented the product ­segment of Wheelchair Tie-downs in the 1950’s and has since continued to lead the industry in the aspects of safety and innovation.


Wheelchair Tie-downs

All our standard Unwin Wheelchair Tie-downs are crash tested and approved to hold a 120 kg wheelchair. So why do we exceed the current industry standard ISO 10542 by over 40 percent? Simply because few existing powered wheelchairs weigh 85 kg or less. Unique safety, for real world applications.

  • Crash tested and approved to 120 kg
  • Standard Systems for simplicity
  • Mix and Match for flexibility
  • Unlike hooks, karabiners cannot fall off at recoil
  • Easy to fit and remove Tie-downs from Rails or Solo anchors
  • Crash tested and approved in combination with Unwin Flooring Systems


Occupant Restraints

When the primary task of securing the wheelchair is done, we naturally extend the unique safety offered by us to the passenger as well.

  • Crash tested and approved 3 point belts in combination with Unwin Flooring Systems
  • Intuitive Tongue and Buckle design makes fastening and freeing a passenger easy for anyone, adding an increased level of safety in case of an emergency
  • Easy to fit and remove from Rails or Solo anchors