A flexible seating layout is a great way to maximise the use of a vehicle. Our Unwin Seating Systems in ­combination with our Flooring Systems makes it ­possible to quickly and easily convert a standard vehicle to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. 


Seat Fixtures

All Seat Fixtures, removable or semi-permanent are crash tested and approved in combination with our Flooring Systems according to M1 Standards.

  • Standard Removable Seat Fixture – simple and flexible
  • Simple T-bolts for semi-permanent layouts
  • Crash tested and approved
  • Optional wheels for easy movement of seats




HAL (Hand Actuated Lockable) is a new removable seat fixture designed to ease quick changes in seating layouts.

  • Single release hand trigger
  • Fits any seat leg
  • Integrated wheel facilitates movement of the seats inside the vehicle
  • Optional transit wheels for easy movement of seats outside the vehicle
  • Crash tested and approved in combination with Unwin Flooring Systems



The Unwin EasiSit is a combined Seat and Wheelchair Tie-down. The seemingly ordinary seat can within seconds be transformed into a safe wheelchair station.

  • Ordinary seat and wheelchair station with head and neck protection
  • Wheelchair Tie-downs and Occupant Restraint integrated in the seat
  • Quick, flexible and simple