Solves the problem of tight parking spaces with parallel boarding and its unique swivelling platform.

The Braun Swing-A-Way creates a unique ability to park close to buildings or narrow pavements as the wheelchair user rolls onto the platform in parallel to the vehicle. The telescopic platform extends to the ­necessary length as the wheelchair user rolls onto it.

The public use lifts are fully automatic in operation and operated by a user or care-giver using either the standard handheld control or the controls located on the lift.

  • Requires a minimal parking space. The deployed platform protrudes no more from the side of the vehicle than the fully opened front door.
  • Does not obstruct normal use of door opening
  • Platform handrail provides added security for wheelchair user
  • EMC test approved
  • Type approved
  • CE-marked

Autoadapt is BraunAbility’s partly owned subsidiary and exclusive sales channel.

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