Commercial use

The public use lifts are intended to be operated by an attendant (e.g. family member, assistant, coach driver, etc) and have for safety reasons only a hand held remote control for manoeuvering in order to eliminate the risks of unintended lift manoeuvering by the wheelchair user.

Furthermore the public use lifts demand an increased focus by the attendant on safety features such as inboard and outboard barriers, lift hatches and handrails by its attention seeking yellow highlighting.

Commercial use


Completely quiet premium wheelchair lifts.


Wheelchair lifts you can rely on.


A cassette lift for public transport mini-buses.

Century XT

Extra long telescopic stacking platform accommodates full-sized mobility scooters.


A lighter alternative in respect of weight and economy.


A strong, solid lifting platform featuring time-tested durability.


A stacking platform provides good visibility.

Vista Split

A clear path for both visibility and access.

UVL 855

Free interior space for commercial buses.