Driver Test Station

A measuring tool for analysing a person’s physical driving ability.

Why a DTS?

Testing with the Driver Test Station

Test a driver’s strength, flexibility, behaviour and reaction time in a safe and calm environment.

The DTS is not a simulator but a measuring tool for conducting qualified tests of a person’s physical driving ability. It is used for testing basic functions such as steering, acceleration and braking in order to ensure the driver is able to drive a vehicle safely.

Using the test report generated by the DTS, subsequent analysis can be based on objective facts. It will be easier to make an accurate evaluation of the type of adaptation and car model which will be suitable, and the person being tested can feel reassured that the results have been reached objectively. The report also provides support in the event of tough decisions which might otherwise be hard to justify without an objective basis. Even if some of the measured values are low, this does not necessarily mean that the person being tested is unfit to drive a car.

The challenge with vehicle adaptation lies in finding a way of enabling a person to drive despite their physical limitations. The DTS comes with several smart solutions, all of them designed to create a driver environment tailored to each driver’s needs and wishes.


It is important to bear in mind that the DTS does not provide any information as to whether the person being tested has the mental qualities required of a driver. Even if the physical requirements are met, we always recommend the driver practise driving with an expert driving instructor to ensure they are suitable to drive.


For more information, download the DTS brochure.

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Safe Vehicle Adaptation

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