Turny® Evo

Makes it easy getting into and out of the car for both passenger and driver.

The ability to individually tailor the movement path of the Turny Evo makes it possible to keep the users’ leg space constantly optimized. This means that the Turny Evo will fit users in a wider range of car models than previous versions, in many cases even without the need to increase the door angle.

  • Fits users in even more car models than previous versions
  • Customizable movement path
  • Advanced pinch protection
  • Unlimited backrest inclination
  • Powered lengthwise adjustability of the seat inside the vehicle
  • Informative hand control display showing the status
  • Easy emergency operation
  • Easy back-up systems
  • No adapter plate needed for BEV and Compact seat
  • EMC and crash test approved
  • CE-marked


Tilda enables the seat to be tilted 15º backwards, in three steps. This product improves the head space when sliding the seat between the Carony wheel unit and the Turnout or Turny swivel seat inside the vehicle.

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