Seat Locker

Seat Locker
A premium removable seat fixture.
Lock and Load.

The Seat Locker is a device that locks the seat legs into a vehicle's floor tracking. Its main purpose is to add flexibility to a vehicle's seating configuration. Being the category's premium solution, the Seat Locker is a discreet low built lockable, engineered to be rattle free. A simple step on the actuator locks the seat into the tracking.


Step on it!
Lock a seat into position in two simple steps. That is one foot step per seat leg. Designed to be easy to use, the actuator of the Seat Locker ensures a safe and rattle free grip in one single motion. To release the seat, first push the safety release catch, then lift the actuator. While this requires handling at floor level it is a necessary safety feaure to stop accidental release of the seat.

Flexible layout
Tilt it, Roll it, Rearrange it ...

Stop it, drop it, lock it! Time is money and spending time moving seats around is not money well spent. The built-in wheel at the back of the Seat Locker makes moving heavy seats around quick and easy. Finding the correct position inside the track is easy, as the locker is self-locating. The Seat locker helps you cut time adapting your vehicle, so you can be back on the road in no time.

For moving seats outside the vehicle use the optional transport wheels.

The One Locker.

The seat legs attaches to the locker using one of the three fixed points in back and the adjustable front point. This yields the strongest bond, yet is flexible enough for you to be able to choose any seat manufacturer for your vehicle. The new patented clamping system is a hand in glove, rattle free fit for any standard tracking. The Seat Locker is one of the most versatile lockers in the market.


Looking smart.

Function and reliability might be at the the top of the list but our engineers also gave the new locker a modern look. Its sleek and discreet profile blends in well with the interior of a modern vehicle and is available in two colours, black and grey.


Press Mute.
Once you step on the locker's actuator to lock the seat into the tracking it stays firmly locked into position. The patented design of the clamping system eliminates any rattle without the need for any adjustments, providing a pleasant environment for both driver and passengers.
Tested and approved.

As with all our products safety and reliability go hand in hand. We put the Seat Locker through rigorous testing in every aspect of its intended usage. The actuator and safety release passed 48 hours of vibration and a three year, heavy usage test. The latter in mathematical terms is around 13,000 cycles.

The Seat Locker complies to ECE Regulation 14 and EC 76/115 as amended to M1. It is approved for use in Innotrax, Low, Surface and Heavy Duty Rails. Seat Locker has been tested on a single seat of 30kg, independently performed and witnessed by VCA.

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  Unwin (UK only)


Length 485 mm
Width 40 mm
Height 20 mm
Scallops distance 25.4 mm


Weight capacity 30 kg
Unit weight 1.255 kg


Cycle test approved (13.000)  
Crash test approved  
Vibration test approved (48h)  

Seat Locker has been independently tested and witnessed by VCA.


ECE R-14 compliant  
EC 76/115 compliant  

For more information and sales enquiries please contact us.


  Unwin (UK only)