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E-Series draft

BraunAbility E-Series
Wheelchair lifts you can rely on.
The Essential Wheelchair Lift

The E-Series is the next generation workhorse from a brand that is synonymous with high-quality wheelchair lifts. Trusted for over 40 years, BraunAbility has reinvented the bare bones wheelchair lift. A modern take on simple, effective and reliable. But there’s one thing about the E-Series that is more than meets the eye. It shares the element of design that gives the premium Q-Series its superior platform stability.

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With the Q-Series wheelchair lifts, we revolutionised the rigidity of the platform making it 300 percent better. The design element that enables this increase in rigidity, the closed box, in the parallel arms is also present in the E-Series.

On a standard wheelchair lift with dual parallel arms, the platform will deflect under uneven loads causing it to sway and skew. This can make anyone on the platform uneasy or even scared. Needless to say, it’s not going to be a very pleasant ride.

So what do we mean when we say 300 percent better? We measure rigidity in millimetres of deflection. I.e. how much the platform moves from its original position during load. In a controlled environment, a standard wheelchair lift platform under load will deflect about XXX to XXXX millimetres. Whereas the E-Series and Q-Series platform will deflect only about XX millimetres. 

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Platform deflection comparison

BraunAbility E-Series
XX cm
BraunAbility Global
XX cm
Lift manufacturer 1
XX cm
Lift manufacturer 2
XX cm

Conditions for the comparison.

Made of Steel
We manufacture the E-Series using the same well-proven steel we use in all our lifts. While steel is heavier than aluminium it has two major benefits. The first one is that steel does not flex as much as aluminium. This makes a steel lift a more robust and rigid lift. To make an aluminium lift rigid you would have to choose a thicker gauge or add strengthening elements of design. This will, of course, increase weight considerably.

The other benefit over aluminium is fatigue cracking. This has proven to be a serious issue with the use of aluminium in wheelchair lifts. Especially in applications where these lifts see heavy use.

All current models of the E-Series weigh less than 140 kg and can safely lift 400 kg... again and again and again.

Surface grip

The stretch metal of the platform provides a non-slip grip for shoes and tires. Another benefit of the stretch metal is the holes letting dirt, snow and mud fall through to the ground before entering the vehicle. 


The highly visible yellow handrails is a sturdy point to hold on to for both wheelchair users and anyone standing on the platform. The hook shape allows the handrails to be held onto in a number of different grips that provides a sense of comfort and stability.

Hand control

Designed to take a beating the robust hand control features two rocker switches that let you control all the functions of the lift: fold, unfold, up and down. 

You can also control the E-Series lift with your smartphone via the Autoadapt Remote app. This requires that your lift is fitted with the Autoadapt Remote receiver kit.  Learn more  

Design to be a workhorse

These lifts are built to be a simple and reliable. To function every time they are used, regardless if it’s multiple times a day or once a year. Whether hot or cold, rain or snow, the E-Series lifts will provide accessibility in vehicles to people all over the world. 

Anti-rust coating

The E-Series wheelchair lifts have been treated with an anti-rust coating. This ensures that the lift stays functional and looking new for a long time, even in areas with high humidity. 

Roll stop

A roll-stop is an important safety feature. It prevents any wheelchair on the platform from accidentally rolling too far and off the platform. The roll-stop on the on the E-Series is mechanical and goes up as soon as the platform leaves the ground. 

Tested and approved

The normal service life of a wheelchair lift is usually less than 10,000 cycles. For decades all BraunAbility inboard lifts have been tested to meet our internal requirement of 32,000 cycles, and the Q-Series is no exception. In addition to this we have also tried to closely simulate real-world conditions. We've stressed the base plate welds to a maximum by performing cycle testing on both rigid and flexible floors.  


Cycle test approved

Climate test approved

EMC test approved

Crash test approved

E-1320 Solid


Platform width 860 mm
Platform length 1320 mm
Overall height 1418 mm
Overall width 1195 mm
Overall depth 461 mm
Floor to ground 800 mm
Required door width 1109 mm
Required door height 1437 mm


Weight capacity 400 kg
Unit weight 137 kg
Shipping weight 168 kg


Cycle test approved (X,000)  
Crash test approved  
Climate test approved  
EMC test approved  


EN 1756 compliant ?  
ECE R-10 compliant ?  
REACH compliant ?  
GADSL compliant ?  
RoHS compliant ?  
3TG compliant ?  

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