Whiplash injury

  • Recaro seats are designed to help vary the seating position. Recaro seats are often equipped with good side bolsters and seat-depth extensions.

  • Some of the chairs have low side bolsters to assist mounting and dismounting.

  • The bucket seat cushion provides good support for the back and seat section if the road is uneven.

  • Interior mirrors, wide-angle mirrors are ideal for those who find it difficult turning their head when joining a motorway or reversing, for example.

  • Seat belt grip makes it easier to get hold of the belt. Once installed, the user no longer has to turn his or her body so much to get hold of the belt.

  • Extra light power steering makes it easier to turn the steering wheel. This adaptation is often carried out for drivers with impaired function in the arms and shoulders, such as people with rheumatism. (Please note this adaptation is not possible on all car models.)

  • Electric sun shield for people who have difficulty raising their arms to fold down the sun shield. Operated by a button fitted in a position agreed with the user.

  • Reversing aid warning system, reversing monitor. Developed for people who find it difficult to turn around while reversing a car. The reverse warning has small lights and sound signals to indicate proximity when reversing, and releases a signal if there is something behind the vehicle. The reversing monitor comprises a TV screen and camera mounted on the back of the car. The TV screen shows the situation behind the vehicle and the remaining distance.