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In order to buy the new Turny Evo Generation 2 your company have to complete the training course on what's new. This is crucial because of the new installation procedure.

The software has also been rewritten with several new features, one being a programm­able Home position. This removes the need to run the Turny Evo all the way back, enabling installation at previously impossible positions in the vehicle.

After being tested rigorously we are ­confident that these new designs will continue to work for many years, in both hot and cold weather, as well as hold their ground in the event of a 30 G crash. In short, all known shortcomings with the previous version of Turny Evo have been addressed.

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    To ensure reliability and consistent build quality we have developed an entirely new manufacturing process.
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    To ensure reliability and consistent build quality we have developed an entirely new manufacturing process.


To enhance the perceived quality of the Turny Evo, we have made sure that rattle and other annoying sounds have been reduced to an absolute minimum. Tighter tolerances is one way to accomplish this but we have also located some of the individual troublemakers and dealt with them once and for all. 20.000 test cycles with maximum load made us confident the Turny Evo will sit tight and quiet for a loooong time.

  • A wedge made of vibration absorbing plastic locks the unit firmly in place when inside the vehicle.

  • The rubber stop locks the unit in tension which minimises play. Furthermore it makes sure the user comes to a smooth stop when swivelling inside.


An area where we saw room for improvement was the user experience when ­travelling seated in the Turny Evo. The first thing we ­addressed was to minimise any sense of irrational movement. In order to do so we ­developed the Roll Guides. These clever bearing lined baskets leaves no room for play along the entire lengthwise adjustment path. This means our users can enjoy the same stability as in the Home position no matter where they find their individual ’sweet spot’ for travelling in their vehicle.

To further smooth things out we have ­added some additional covers to potential risk areas.

  • Roll Guides, our proprietary design of bearings reduces play to an absolute minimum.

  • Plastic Pellet Supports makes the swivel smooth and comfortable.


We have always taken pride in being in the forefront when it comes to safety, this will ­never change. Our users shouldn’t have to watch out for sharp edges, worry about technical failure in the field or what could ­happen in the event of a car crash.

The current standard requires a product to be able to withstand a crash at 20 G with a 76 kg dummy. To reach far beyond the stand­ards we test the Turny Evo at 30 G with a 103 kg dummy, ­ensuring a higher level of ­safety and ­compliance with future legislation.

  • Thoroughly tested
    Our products have to endure various extremes in a number of tests before ending up in our product catalogue. Tests such as 20.000 full cycles with maximum load as well as tests in extreme temperatures as low as - 20C and as high as + 60C.

  • Deformation segment
    To withstand the brute forces in a 30 G crash with a 103 kg dummy, the Turny Evo is equipped with a deformation segment. This absorbs some of the kinetic energy and basically protects the rest of the unit.
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    The hand control only shows information when something is wrong.
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    Triggering the Over Recline Switch used to mean the user ended up in Emergency Mode. Now the user can identify the problem in the display, back up, adjust the recline and go forward again.
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    As easy and intuitive as one, two, three.


The new hand control software features an intuitive control scheme. Just press the button closest to the door to swivel out, press the opposite to swivel back inside. Press forward to adjust the seat forward, press backward to adjust the seat backwards.

To avoid confusion the display on the hand control only shows information when something is wrong. For example when the pinch protection kicks in the display shows what sensor is being triggered. This allows the user to find and remove the obstacle. Furthermore the user also has the option to move backwards if necessary, to address whatever is triggering the sensor. In other words no more accidental Emergency Mode.


To make life easier for you as an installer we have rewritten the software for the Turny Evo to add many of the features you’ve requested. For instance we have now included the door safety switch in the package, since the Automatic sleep mode requires the switch to be installed. Emergency mode navigation has been made much faster, as you now are able to switch both forward and backward between swivel and lenghtwise adjustment.

Save and edit existing path.
Edit an existing movement path as you like. You can even edit the end points for comfort adjustment and swivel / lift movement.
Simplified software update.
Just plug in an updated hand control and upload the new software.

Programmable Home and
Comfort position.
By allowing you to individually set these two end points, each installation can be customised to make the best use of the available space.

Automatic sleep mode.
With the doors closed and the engine off the Turny Evo goes in to sleep mode after 3 minutes and uses about 0.78 mA.


To ensure that the Turny Evo sits firmly in the vehicle, the same 30 G requirement had to be put on the mounting brackets. The result is a whole new set of mounting brackets that not only endure a 30 G crash but also help make the installation process a lot faster. The hole pattern has been altered which makes the old Turny Evo mounting brackets incompatible with the new Turny Evo. The external dimensions however, remains the same.

Installers will need to update their training in order to ensure proper and safe installations.

Visit Autoadapt Dealerweb to find up to date information and a list of mounting brackets for the new Turny Evo.


To aid us in some real world testing we enlisted long time Turny Evo user Lasse Zetterdahl. However he is not your average Turny Evo user. Instead Lasse runs a Taxi Company and has the unit installed for his customers. Located in Ljusdal, Sweden where the climate is harsh and the roads are worse. For seven months Lasse has put his unit to test on a daily basis.

We captured his thoughts in a short video available here.

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  • High durability webbing makes lifting the Turny Evo into the vehicle easier.

  • The new Application Tool shows how much space is needed in order to install the Turny Evo.

To be able to order Turny Evo generation 2, your company must have completed the required training.

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Weight capacity

180 kg

Swivel range


Product weight

84 kg

Power supply

12 V

Power consumption

12 A / 0.78 mA

Operating temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Lengthwise movement

410 mm

Vertical travel

390 mm


163 mm


542 mm


703 mm