Dealers in Poland

Bär Cargolift Polska Sp. z o.o.

Al. Rzeczpospolitej 8
80-369 Gdansk

Phone: +48 585116357
Fax: +48 585116366

Email: [email protected]

CEBRON Sp. z o.o.

Centrum Adaptacji Pojazdów dla Osób Niepełnosprawnych
Vehicle Adaptation Center for the Disabled
ul. T. Borowskiego 2
03-475 Warszawa

Contact: Jerzy Resiak; Agnieszka Pokora-Porczyk
Phone: +48 224818-24-42
Fax: +48 226194310

Email: [email protected]

Emico Sp. z o.o

ul. Konwaliowa 7
03-194 Warszawa

Phone: +48 226768182
Fax: +48 226768182

Email: [email protected]

Eurotechpro Sp z o.o.

ul.Estrady 9, Mosciska
05-080 Izabelin

Contact: Marek Bogdanski
Phone: +48 22 810 20 07
Fax: +48 22 810 20 08

Email: [email protected]

Wanmed Lukaz Waniewski

Warynskiego 30/31/4
80-433 Gdansk

Phone: +48 506551932

Email: [email protected]

Autoadapt is proud to be represented across the world. To ensure your and all our end users safety we must make sure that our products are properly and safely installed by qualified personnel.

Autoadapt products are only available via our dealers who possess an excellent knowledge of car adaptation. All of our dealers have undergone training by our product trainers either at the Autoadapt Training Centre in Sweden or in the UK.