Dealers in Holland


Buurserstraat 194
7544 RG Enschede

Phone: +31 534751813
Fax: +31 534751819


Bierman Aanpassingsbedrijf

Pesetaweg 16
2153 PJ Nieuw-Vennep

Phone: +31 252210611
Fax: +31 252232985


Ellermeyer bv

Hoogoorddreef 70
1101 BG Amsterdam Z.O.

Phone: +31 203428350
Fax: +31 206918251


Tripod Mobility B.V

Colleseweg 10
5674 Nuenen

Phone: +31 402836442
Fax: +31 402836245


Autoadapt is proud to be represented across the world. To ensure your and all our end users safety we must make sure that our products are properly and safely installed by qualified personnel.

Autoadapt products are only available via our dealers who possess an excellent knowledge of car adaptation. All of our dealers have undergone training by our product trainers either at the Autoadapt Training Centre in Sweden or in the UK.