Inboard lifts

Inboard lifts are wheelchair lifts mounted on the inside of a vehicle. To minimise the use of floor space, the lifts stow in a vertical position. Inboard lifts come in many different platform types to suit various needs. Depending on the platform type you can install inboard lifts either the side or rear doors.

Completely quiet premium wheelchair lifts.
Building on the reliability and robustness synonymous with BraunAbility while incorporating a smart design that excels above all others in three dimensions: quiet while driving, structural rigidity and design aesthetics.

A lightweight and economic wheelchair lift.
The Global is ideal for transit providers looking for a lowcost and lightweight lift without sacrificing BraunAbility’s reliability and efficiency.

A strong, solid platform wheelchair lift.
The solid platform Millennium series have a unique double security roll stop, powered by hydraulics and locked mechanically, providing additional safety.

Century XT
Extra long telescopic platform wheelchair lift.
Century XT features a telescopic stacking platform that will extend up to 152 cm, but still fit inside a medium sized transport vehicle.

A stacking platform wheelchair lift provides good visibility.
The stacking platform is stowed below the vehicle’s windows, providing good visibility for both passengers and driver.

Vista Split
A split platform wheelchair lift with a clear path for both visibility and access.
When not in use the unique split platform is stowed in parallel to the vehicle’s sides, leaving an unobstructed view and good access.

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  Unwin (UK only)

Platform types

BraunAbility Wheelchair Lifts are available in a wide range of platform types for any kind of application. All lifts are CE marked and EMC test approved.