Our values

We are Autoadapt

But we are also a great number of individuals that together have a responsibility to our companies to be seen with respect and that others will look up to. It´s how each of us appear in our daily work who decides how people in our company and the world around us are looking at us. This writing shall remind us of the things we should think about to be considered engaged, competent and reliable.

Håkan Sandberg, CEO Autoadapt
Peter Wahlsten, founder and vice president Autoadapt


  1. We are open minded, honest and keen.
  2. We help each other.
  3. We take responsibility.
  4. We develop continuously.
  5. We are profitable.
  6. We show engagement.



1. We are open minded, honest and keen.

We are aiming to be an open-minded company who listens, takes initiatives and  takes action. A company who is easy to talk to and keep in contact with.

We make choices that effect people in their everyday use and might be the opportunities for a whole family. Therefore we need to be keen for peoples Needs and wishes that come along and then work on “making the dream come true”.

By being an open-minded company we can easier fulfill the expectations from the world around us and then develop both the company and it´s co-workers.

All our relations will characterize honesty and respect. Simply spoken, we shall treat people the same way as we want to be treated ourselves. That concerns both relationship with people inside the company as well as outside the company. We must realize that the interest in our company from the world around us demands respect, open minded people and information.


2. We help each other.

We will be a company that grows and develops by cooperation.

The more we cooperate in business and developments, the more possibilities we will get  to ourselves and to our customers. We are a relatively big company in the branch and have therefore a lot to win on cooperation with each other. We can circulate between different departments and activities and develop ourselves with new knowledge and experiences.

And we can increase  our possibilities in competition by develop and offer complete solutions where we combine our knowledge in different areas. If we support and help each other in the daily work the work will also be funnier.

Attention, encouragement and constructive criticism will increase our engagement and pleasure of working together. By cooperation we will also create a “common view” which makes us  trustworthy in questions about society and social change. The more we share about our experiences the more we will be respected for.


3. We take responsibility.

We will be a company where everyone takes responsibility and  who stands for what we do. 

We all have responsibility for something in Autoadapt. It’s only by responsibility we can build the confidence that makes our future possible. If we let this responsibility down our surroundings will notice it immediately. All our work will be characterized of consideration  of both people and our work environment - and on that spot we must never doubt.

By planning and thinking through our work ahead we help prevent and stop serious consequences for both people and work environment. If we feel insecure we ask for help and takes it. There are situations where we because of risks and future consequences shouldn’t participate. To take responsibility means to take a position on an issue and to stand for your opinion. To take responsibility also means that we stand for what our suppliers do. We see them as a part of Autoadapt and involves them in our way of thinking – in our way

Of total quality. With our responsibility comes an obvious respect of laws and regulations and for governments and medias work. When we all share the same view on our common responsibility we can also delegate responsibility and authority way out in our organization.


4. We develop continuously

We will be a company that develops by a leadership who makes other people grow.

Autoadapt is a knowledge company. Autoadapt is simply all knowledge and experience collected from all co-workers. If we see ourselves as perfect and have nothing left to learn we make a big mistake. We must understand the importance of ourselves being part of development and pushing it forward. Companies who don’t realize this will end and be replaced by other companies who better understands the needs.

Outside our company there are lots of ideas that we can be inspired of. But as important as looking for competence, is improving the one we already have.

It’s by developing ourselves, our way of work and our offers we can be an even better company. If we help each other to se the importance and joy in growing /developing we will get an environment where we are initiative, where it’s fun to work and where everything we do make sense to us and for Autoadapt.

We will be an even more multitude company that takes care of all knowledge and ideas.


5. We are profitable.

We will be a company who sees profit as a condition for development.

Sensible managing of resources and money has always been natural for us. And that is what it’s supposed to be. Profit creates the freedom of negotiation we need and makes it possible to stake to be even better. All too short focusing can on the other hand be paralyzing and prevent decisions that would be good for our development.

We can only reach success and long term profit if we in a serious way live up to our own demands on quality and working environment.

By cooperation and to behave as a company the profit is a mutual concern for us. Then we will feel participation and joy in each others success. We have nothing to win by making own successes on behalf of some other activity within Autoadapt. Autoadapt will be a profitable company.

It’s also a form of quality- and guarantee for continuous development.


6. We show interest and take initiative. (engagement)

We will be a company who provides the best we have – our own personal engagement.

We all take part in developing Autoadapt. As a customer to Autoadapt you will feel our full engagement, our curiosity, our helpfulness to find  new solutions. Because we’re not afraid to show our engagement, interest and our appreciation we increase the value of cooperation with Autoadapt. If we every day translate our emotional engagement to concrete actions we create new possibilities for ourselves and to others. Then it’s fun to work together and that is the most important thing of all. When it comes around, we are Autoadapt!

It’s only us who can make sure that we become the engaged, competent and reliable company we want to be.