Serving the World

Today Autoadapt is represented in over 50 countries worldwide, with more than 300 trained ­Autoadapt dealers plus an additional ­network of about 700 subdealers.

The role of the Autoadapt sales department is to listen to the market’s needs and desires but also to frequently visit our dealers to inform about new solutions and provide support by representing Autoadapt at local trade shows and exhibitions.


First line of support

With tasks varying from helping a dealer placing an order and ensuring on time delivery anywhere in the world to more complex product installation troubleshooting our Customer Support Centre serve as a vital connection to our dealers.


Catalogues, product sheets and more

Our marketing department serves our dealers with marketing material in many different languages. Anything from small stickers, product sheets and manuals to big roll ups, banners and even specific photo or video requests are available free of charge to ­Autoadapt dealers.


Standards and paperwork

As the rules and regulations regarding vehicle adap­tation differs widely all over the world we need to support our dealers with proper documentation. The Autoadapt Safety Centre will provide our dealers with all the necessary certificates and documents often ­required by road authorities and car inspection agencies.


Training to ensure quality

Vehicle adaptation is highly responsible work that demands a great deal of technical expertise and a strong focus on safety. All our dealers receive training on our products free of charge; in fact we will not even sell our products before we can ensure our customer has the proper knowledge.


Sharing ideas

Every other year we invite all our dealers for a three day event where we present new products, hold seminars and award the best of the best at an evening gala. The event is much appreciated and has become a summit where industry colleagues make new connections and share ideas regarding vehicle adaptation.

Autoadapt company presentation

Download the Autoadapt company presentation as a pdf document