Made in Sweden

In accordance with our LEAN guidelines all our product design and manufacturing takes place at our main facility in Stenkullen. 

Before a product can be manufactured in our plant it has to pass a number of phases. At first the solution or problem is given to our design department who researches the idea and makes it into a product concept, either as a CAD drawing or a physical prototype. The prototype evolves as it passes a series of brutal tests and scrutinizing user evaluation before it eventually reaches the state of production worthy. 

Our production engineers build the necessary tools and the production line while our workshop forges and machines the raw metal plates into the various parts that eventually will end up in the finished product at the end of our assembly line.





When we design a new solution ”Reliability” is one of our key mantras. Why? Well, for our end users our products aren’t just technical gizmos, it’s their arms, their legs or their hands. Failure is simply not an option.

– Hasse Slungare,
Design Engineer, Autoadapt

Autoadapt company presentation

Download the Autoadapt company presentation as a pdf document