Committed to the Cause

By working together with those who share our commitment to improve mobility and independence both nationally and on an international level we strive to make an impact on society.

Autoadapt founded the Swedish ­Association of Vehicle Adaptation in 2003 and has had the presidency since.
In 1999 Autoadapt joined EMG (European Mobility Group), a non profit organization involved with matters concerning vehicles for people with disabilities. The EMG has among other things funded the work of CAPI (Car Adaptation Protocol Initiative) to create a standard that will ensure that products and adapt­ations are made in a functional and safe way. The final goal is to have the standard adopted by all member states of the European Union. Autoadapt’s CEO ­Håkan Sandberg has been Capi’s chairman since 2007.


DTS - The Driver Test Station

Do I get to drive? What kind of assistance do I need to drive? Can I drive that car? Will I ever be able to drive again? These questions are not easily answered. The DTS was developed by Autoadapt to measure strength, reaction, coordination and mobility of a user, aiding a professional therapist in determining the ability of a user in order to find the most suitable adaptation.


Acting locally

On a more local level Autoadapt sponsors the annual sports event for youth and children with disabilities, Göteborg Open. Since 2011 Autoadapt has contributed to the event financially and by assisting with marketing activities.


Autoadapt company presentation

Download the Autoadapt company presentation as a pdf document