Areas of Expertise

Vehicle adaptation is about choosing the right product for the individual solution.


Getting seated

To help drivers and passengers getting in and out of their vehicle we have a number of innovative solutions. These are the flagships of Autoadapt; it is the product segment we invented.

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Lifting and stowing

Once the user is seated the next step is to load and secure their mobility device for transport in a safe way.

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Wheelchair lifts

Another solution to bring both user and wheelchair into the vehicle is by using a wheelchair lift. This part of our product range is provided by our part-owner BraunAbility, the world’s leading wheelchair lift manufacturer.

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Independent driving

Hand controls, pedals and steering wheel spinners are some of the aids that give people with various disabilities the independence to drive a vehicle.

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Autoadapt company presentation

Download the Autoadapt company presentation as a pdf document