Why Autoadapt

Inspired by people
We are driven by the desire to give independence to anyone with limited mobility - elderly or disabled.

We help people to do what so many take for granted; drive to work, pop down to the shops, drop in on friends or go on a great driving holiday. We see a future where our end users have the independence to use the car they love, not just a vehicle that suits their needs.

By designing and manufacturing products that aid people with limited mobility in the daily use of their vehicle; we have already come a long way. Our story began in a garage 1996 and today we are one of the world leaders in our industry.

To guarantee our end users’ safety Autoadapt products are designed and tested according to current directives and standards. And by working together with users, organizations, the motor industry and other interested parties we are constantly improving opportunities for more and more people to live a mobile and independent life.

The origin of innovation.

The creativity of our design department is what has granted us worldwide success. By maintaining a dialog with our end users we find the inspiration for new products and solutions. Together we can analyze their needs, learn from their experiences and refine their ideas.

But the seed to a new solution might just as well originate from our in-house adaptation workshop, an equally important part of our company. Here our adaptation technicians are faced with the challenges of our end users on a daily basis, providing them with unparalleled knowledge to share within Autoadapt.

Within our four areas of expertise we are a world leading company. Innovation is what got us to the top and a continued focus on innovation will keep us there.

Safe Vehicle Adaptation
Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to travel safely in a vehicle regardless of adaptation needs.

That makes it our responsibility to offer safe and func­tional products at a very high quality, to enhance the level of safety within the vehicle adaptation ­industry and to push for increasingly stringent safety requirements.

Autoadapt Safety Centre

Safety demands are constantly increasing and we strive to remain in the front line among producers of safe and reliable vehicle adaptation products. Climate, vibration, durability, crash and pull tests are examples of what our products have to endure in order to meet current standards in the vehicle industry.

Today most of our tests are performed in-house at the Autoadapt Safety Centre. In May 2009 the Autoadapt Safety Centre became the first accredited pull test lab in our industry, when we were accredited by SWEDAC according to ISO/IEC 17025. This means that we have the authority, just as TÜV and SP, to serve as a test institute and issue certifying documentation.

Quality control

Everything we do is carefully tested and documented. Certification under the quality system ISO 9001:2015 in the areas of design, development, production and installation plus our final checks and testing provide documented peace of mind for everyone. We want to be able to offer our end users a vehicle with the same safety conditions it had before being adapted.

Crash test
The product is accelerated to a speed of 50 km/h before being brought to an immediate and complete stop. This form of testing is performed in order to ensure that the design is safe.
Pull test
The product is subjected to a traction force for a given period of time. The results of the test are used to select a design or a material.
Climate test
The product undergoes operational testing at temperatures ranging from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius in order to ensure its performance under these weather conditions.
Life cycle test
The product is loaded to its maximum capacity plus an additional twenty per cent. The purpose is to simulate everyday use as closely as possible: in other words, to perform a complete lifetime cycle. The product must withstand at least 10,000 cycles.
EMC test
The product’s electronics are tested to ensure that they do not interfere with the other electronics in the vehicle.
Vibration test
The product is exposed to vibration for a given period of time. Vibration testing is performed to ensure that the design and fixings are safe.
CE labelling
In order for a product to be granted a CE label, a number of risk analyses must be performed for each product, which must also be accompanied by descriptive documentation in line with the selected directive. Autoadapt has chosen to certify products under the EU directive on medical devices for CE labelling.
Made in Sweden
In accordance with our Lean guidelines all our product design and manufacturing takes place at our main facility in Stenkullen.

Before a product can be manufactured in our plant it has to pass a number of phases. At first the solution or problem is given to our design department who researches the idea and makes it into a product concept, either as a CAD drawing or a physical prototype. The prototype evolves as it passes a series of brutal tests and scrutinizing user evaluation before it eventually reaches the state of production worthy.

Our production engineers build the necessary tools and the production line while our workshop forges and machines the raw metal plates into the various parts that eventually will end up in the finished product at the end of our assembly line.

Serving the World
Today Autoadapt is represented in 64 countries worldwide.

The role of the Autoadapt sales department is to listen to the market’s needs and desires but also to frequently visit our dealers to inform about new solutions and provide support by representing Autoadapt at local trade shows and exhibitions.

First line of support

With tasks varying from helping a dealer placing an order and ensuring on time delivery anywhere in the world to more complex product installation troubleshooting our Customer Support Centre serve as a vital connection to our dealers.

Catalogues, product sheets and more

Our marketing department serves our dealers with marketing material in many different languages. Anything from small stickers, product sheets and manuals to big roll ups, banners and even specific photo or video requests are available free of charge to ­Autoadapt dealers.

Standards and paperwork

As the rules and regulations regarding vehicle adap­tation differs widely all over the world we need to support our dealers with proper documentation. The Autoadapt Safety Centre will provide our dealers with all the necessary certificates and documents often ­required by road authorities and car inspection agencies.

Training to ensure quality

Vehicle adaptation is highly responsible work that demands a great deal of technical expertise and a strong focus on safety. All our dealers receive training on our products free of charge; in fact we will not even sell our products before we can ensure our customer has the proper knowledge.

Committed to the Cause
By working together with those who share our commitment to improve mobility and independence both nationally and on an international level we strive to make an impact on society.

Autoadapt founded the Swedish ­Association of Vehicle Adaptation in 2003. In 1999 Autoadapt joined EMG (European Mobility Group), a non profit organization involved with matters concerning vehicles for people with disabilities.

DTS - The Driver Test Station

Do I get to drive? What kind of assistance do I need to drive? Can I drive that car? Will I ever be able to drive again? These questions are not easily answered. The DTS was developed by Autoadapt to measure strength, reaction, coordination and mobility of a user, aiding a professional therapist in determining the ability of a user in order to find the most suitable adaptation.

Acting locally

On a more local level Autoadapt sponsors the annual sports event for youth and children with disabilities, Göteborg Open. Since 2011 Autoadapt has contributed to the event financially and by assisting with marketing activities.