Company presentation

Powerful Ownership
Together with sole owner BraunAbility, Autoadapt is the leading global provider of safe vehicle adaptation solutions for people with reduced or limited mobility.

BraunAbility solidified the ownership stake in Autoadapt in 2018, having previously owned 47.5 percent of Autoadapt from a 2011 purchase. Since that time, Autoadapt has been the sole distributor of BraunAbility lifts in Europe. BraunAbility was founded in 1972 by Ralph Braun and is based in Indiana U.S.A. Today the company is the industry’s largest manufacturer of wheelchair lifts and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

Together Autoadapt and BraunAbility are part of a roster of high-quality, high-growth companies in Investor AB’s Patricia Industries portfolio, including Permobil, the innovative provider of powered and manual wheelchairs. Investor AB is the leading owner of Nordic-based international companies, founded by the Wallenberg family more than 100 years ago.
Since 2014 Autoadapt is the sole owner of Unwin. A company that was set up half a century ago by Norman Unwin, the man who created the world’s first device to secure wheelchairs in vehicles. Over the years, the company continued to grow and today all manufacturing, design and testing facilities are located in a modern factory in Somerset. In 2017 Unwin acquired the Danish company Martech, known for their vehicle flooring products, among others SpaceFloor. The addition continued to strengthen the group's position as a leading supplier of vehicle adaptation solutions.

With a combined production area that measures up to over 100 000  m2 and an annual turnover of over 5 billion SEK; BraunAbility, Autoadapt and their subsidiaries form the largest group of companies in the vehicle adaptation industry. In essence we have the foundation on which to continue to lead the industry into higher levels of safety and innovation.

Facts and figures

Autoadapt was founded in 1996 and currently employs 130 people in Stenkullen, Sweden. The current Swedish headquarters was built in 2007 and consists of 13 000 m2 of offices and manufacturing plant.

Partnerships and OEM
Through the years the OEM automotive industry has put their trust in us as a supplier of mobility solutions.

Together we conduct joint crash tests and design vehicle specific mounting brackets for our products. Needless to say we are proud to be a partner of choice when it comes to mobility solutions.

Since the introduction of the product range BraunAbility wheelchair lifts in 2011 we are also supplying the OEM bus and coach industry. These lifts are delivered directly to the manufacturers and builders and installed during regular production.

Setting the bar high

As the industry leader of vehicle adaptation we have to look outside our own industry to find a suitable benchmark. Being accepted as a supplier to the automotive industry is a seal of approval in itself but it also demands a continuous effort to keep up with a very competitive business. At the same time we enable them to reach an entire new segment of potential customers, the elderly and those who don’t necessarily view themselves as disabled but still would benefit from an adapted vehicle in terms of comfort.

Business definition

To help people with limited mobility, live a more independent life, by creating solutions that enables them to drive or ride in a vehicle. Safely. All over the world.


No person, in need of our products and services, should be unaware of the opportunites for a more free and independent life.

Business idea

Autoadapt Group shall develop and produce safe and reliable aids for vehicle adaptation, to give people with limited mobility increased quality of life and independence.

The Highlights
Proud moments in Autoadapt's history.

1996 - Autoadapt
Autoadapt AB established as a vehicle adaptation workshop with 12 employees.

1999 - BEV Aquired
BEV Euroaid is aquired and Autoadapt expands into product manufacturing.

1999 - First award
Autoadapt together with Volvo Special Vehicles receives the ”Best Product for the Disabled” award by HRH Queen Silvia of Sweden.

2002 - Autoadapt UK
Establishment of the subsidiary Autoadapt UK Ltd in Birmingham, UK.

2003 - A global company
Bruno Independent Living Aids becomes a part-owner with responsibilities for the North American market.

2005 - Lean concept
Start up of the lean production system CIA (Continuous Improvement of Autoadapt).

2007 - Purpose-built facility
The strategic decision to build a new 10 000 m2 facility to house all Autoadapt activities results in the big move during the summer.

2009 - Industry leader in safety
Autoadapt’s earlier investement in a pull test rig is now accredited by Swedac as the worlds first in the industry to perfom pull tests.

2010 - Over 100 Employees
Autoadapt now employs 100 dedicated people to serve our customers all over the world.

2010 - Revolution
The Turny Evo is introduced to the public offering vehicle adaptation previously unimaginable.

2011 - BraunAbility Wheelchair lifts
BraunAbility becomes an additional part-owner and Autoadapt enters new market segments.

2012 - World record
Autoadapt receives an order for 3000 lifts, the largest individual order in the history of vehicle adaptation.

2014 - Unwin Safety Systems
In April 2014 Autoadapt becomes the sole owner of the British company Unwin Safety Systems. Being a pioneer in safety, Unwin Safety Systems has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint systems.

2015 - Turny Low Vehicle
This next generation swivel base makes it possible to adapt even more car models. Additionally it takes user comfort to a whole new level.

2016 - 20th Anniversary
Autoadapt celebrates 20 years as a business in conjunction with the fifth iteration of the dealer conference "Journey to the Future".

2016 - First wheelchair lift
The A-Series cassette lift is introduced as the first ever wheelchair lift, designed and manufactured by Autoadapt.

2017 - Carony and Turny Manual
A new version of the Carony transfer wheelchair is introduced together with a new seat and the manual swivel base Turny Manual.

2018 - Autoadapt becomes a wholly owned BraunAbility subsidiary
On the 2 of April 2018 Autoadapt and its subsidiaries Unwin and Martech becomes wholly owned by BraunAbility.